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Why Donate?

Without your donations, the PTA is not possible. We need to continual support and donations from all of you to continue to provide for our students, teachers, and school as a whole. 

Your donations make us able to:

  • Assist with teachers needs throughout the year

  • Provide enriching  and engaging events/activities for the students and their families

  • Assist with school improvements as needed

  • Help build the sense of one school, one family

  • Help fellow Sunray families in need through our school's food pantry 

  • Help fund various other activities throughout the school year 

Can I make a donation without joining the PTA?


YES! You can make a one-time donation to the PTA via our Opt-Out Initiative.


With the Opt-Out Initiative, you can choose not to participate in any PTA memberships, fundraising or events, for the rest of the year or you can donate and still participate in some activities.

Teacher Favorite Lists

Want to get something special for a specific Evans Elementary Teacher? Check this list to see what makes them smile!

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